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How to Use Biofreeze

1. Wash both hands thoroughly with water and soap before applying Biofreeze.

bio freeze roll on

2. Unscrew the lid on the Biofreeze bottle, position the bottle over the affect area with the roll-on portion facing down to apply the Biofreeze roll-on form. Put the roll-on ball on the affected region and roll the ball over the skin. The area can look shiny. Don’t be afraid to massage the affected area after the Biofreeze is applied.

3. Squeeze a dollop how big a dime into your hand or pump a similar amount into your hand. Using a circular motion, massage the affected region with the Biofreeze and your hand. Apply more Biofreeze if required. The Biofreeze gel formis ideal to use with massage.


Position the spray portion of the bottle about 4 inches away from the affected area to apply the Biofreeze spray-on form. Spray the region with the Biofreeze until the affected region is damp. After using the Biofreeze, you can massage the area.

bio freeze

4. Wash both hands thoroughly with soap and water after applying Biofreeze. The affected region and your hands (or even the hands of the person who applied the Biofreeze) will tingle. This really is normal.

5. Apply Biofreeze every couple of hours when needed, up to 4 times a day.

6. Don’t ever touch your vision or other important extremities after by using this product.